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unas inc is the world leading company that specialized in stamping nail art technology.Our commitment is to give our operators a very good profit margin, customer service and our knowledge in selling the products.

We have 6 programs that can make you money with uñas:

1. Mall cart and kiosk: opening a cart or kiosk in the mall is the best way to make money with uñas products. In this program you get the best wholesale prices. We can give you personal training on our retail business in order to build your confidence in selling the products.

2. Trade shows and Fairs: Because uñas product is a demonstration product you can do trade show and fairs for a big crowd at once.

3. Nail salon and beauty supply stores: In this program you can sell uñas product throw your nail salon or beauty supply stores.

4. Retail stores: Selling uñas as a shelf products.

5. Web sites: Sell uñas products on your online store.

6. World wide distribution: In this program you can be the only uñas distributor in your contry excluding U.S.A and Canada.

Your success is our success